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Enclosed Trailers

Short and long term trailer rentals at an affordable rate. 24 hour, weekly, and monthly pricing available. Easy rental process with no hidden fees.

Our Rental Inventory

8.5X18 Enclosed Trailer

Cargo Trailer
$ 99 24 Hours
  • 6,500 LB load capacity
  • Ramp style door
  • Ideal for cars and cargo

Need to rent an enclosed trailer?

If you find yourself in need of secure and weather-resistant transportation for your valuable cargo, look no further – our enclosed trailers are the perfect solution. Whether you’re moving, attending an event, or transporting sensitive equipment, our fleet of enclosed trailers in Davie, FL offers the protection and peace of mind you require.

Our enclosed trailers come in various sizes to accommodate different loads, ensuring that your items fit snugly and securely during transit. The enclosed design shields your belongings from the elements, providing added protection against weather, road debris, and potential theft.

At FL Rental Services, we understand the importance of flexibility and convenience. Renting an enclosed trailer from us means you have access to a reliable and well-maintained fleet, with options tailored to your specific needs. Our rental process is straightforward, and our team is ready to assist you in selecting the right enclosed trailer for your requirements.

Whether you’re embarking on a cross-country move, transporting equipment for an event, or safeguarding valuable items, our enclosed trailers are designed to meet your needs. Contact us today to inquire about our enclosed trailer rental options and enjoy a secure and worry-free transport experience.

Enclosed cargo trailer same-day rentals

Renting an enclosed cargo trailer offers a range of benefits, making it a popular choice for individuals and businesses with specific transportation needs. Here are some key advantages:

Protection from the Elements:

The primary benefit of enclosed cargo trailers is the protection they provide against weather elements. Rain, wind, and other environmental factors won’t impact your cargo, ensuring it arrives at its destination in the same condition it was loaded.

Security for Valuables:

Enclosed trailers offer a level of security that open trailers cannot match. The closed and lockable design helps safeguard your valuable items from theft and unauthorized access during transportation.

Versatility for Various Cargo:

Enclosed cargo trailers are versatile and suitable for transporting a wide range of items, from furniture and household goods to equipment, tools, and more. The enclosed space allows for flexible loading, accommodating various shapes and sizes.

Damage Prevention:

The enclosed design not only protects against weather but also prevents damage from road debris and other external elements. This is especially crucial for delicate or sensitive items that could be affected by dust, gravel, or flying debris.

Professional Appearance:

When transporting goods for business purposes or events, an enclosed cargo trailer provides a professional and polished appearance. It can be especially important for businesses looking to maintain a positive brand image.

Privacy for Sensitive Cargo:

For items that require privacy during transportation, such as confidential documents or specialized equipment, an enclosed trailer offers the necessary discretion and confidentiality.

Flexible Loading Options:

Enclosed cargo trailers often come with rear ramps or doors, making loading and unloading easier and more versatile. This is particularly beneficial when dealing with heavy or awkwardly shaped items.

Peace of Mind During Transit:

Renting an enclosed cargo trailer provides peace of mind, knowing that your cargo is protected and secure throughout the journey. This is especially important for long-distance moves or when transporting valuable items over extended periods.

Customization Options:

Some enclosed trailers offer customization options, such as interior shelving or tie-down points, allowing you to tailor the space to your specific cargo and organization needs.

All-Weather Reliability:

Regardless of the weather conditions, an enclosed cargo trailer ensures that your cargo remains safe and unaffected. This reliability is particularly valuable when dealing with unpredictable weather during a move or transportation.

Renting an enclosed cargo trailer combines the practicality of a secure, weather-resistant space with the flexibility needed for diverse transportation needs. Whether you’re moving, handling business logistics, or transporting specialized equipment, the benefits of renting an enclosed cargo trailer contribute to a smooth and worry-free experience.

How much does it cost to rent?

Renting an enclosed trailer with us provides an affordable and secure solution for transporting your valuables. Specifically, our 8.5×18 enclosed trailer is available for the competitive rate of $99 for a 24-hour rental period. This pricing structure is designed to offer you cost-effective options for your transportation needs while ensuring your cargo receives the protection it deserves.

Our enclosed trailers are well-maintained and equipped to handle various types of cargo, providing a reliable and versatile solution for your moving or transportation requirements. The 8.5×18 size offers ample space to accommodate a range of items, from furniture and household goods to business inventory or event equipment.

We understand that transparency in pricing is essential, and our straightforward rates aim to provide you with clarity and confidence in your rental decision. Additionally, if you require the trailer for an extended period, we offer flexible options and even more competitive rates for longer-term rentals.

For a secure and cost-effective solution to transport your belongings or goods, consider renting our 8.5×18 enclosed trailer at the affordable rate of $99 for a 24-hour rental period. Contact us today to inquire about availability, discuss your specific needs, and make arrangements for a worry-free and budget-friendly rental experience.

What do i need to rent an enclosed trailer?

Renting an enclosed trailer with us is a straightforward process, and to ensure a seamless experience, there are a few essential requirements to keep in mind:

Valid Driver’s License:

Ensure that you have a valid driver’s license. This is a standard requirement for renting any vehicle or trailer, including enclosed trailers.

Towing Vehicle:

It’s crucial to have a towing vehicle with the capacity to handle the enclosed trailer. Verify that your vehicle meets the necessary towing specifications for the specific trailer you intend to rent.

2-5/16″ Hitch Ball:

Enclosed trailers typically require a 2-5/16″ hitch ball for proper connection. Confirm that your towing vehicle is equipped with this specific hitch ball size to ensure a secure and safe attachment.

Proof of Insurance:

Bring along proof of insurance for your towing vehicle. This is a standard requirement to ensure that both you and the rental equipment are covered in case of any unforeseen events.

Payment Method:

Be prepared with a valid payment method to cover the rental fees and any potential security deposit. We accept various payment options for your convenience.

Rental Agreement:

Before hitting the road, you’ll need to sign a rental agreement. This document outlines the terms and conditions of the rental, so it’s important to review it carefully and address any questions you may have.

Safety Measures:

Familiarize yourself with the safety features and guidelines associated with the specific enclosed trailer you are renting. This includes understanding how to properly secure cargo, operate doors and ramps, and maintain safe driving practices.

By ensuring that you have these essentials in order, you’ll be well-prepared to rent an enclosed trailer for your transportation needs. Our team is here to assist you throughout the process, offering guidance on choosing the right trailer and addressing any additional questions you may have. Contact us today to inquire about availability and secure an enclosed trailer for your upcoming move or transport.

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